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Discography compilation and album's comments © by Adam Baruch
Recorded: 1990 Released: 1990
This is a very special album for me, reaching far beyond the concept of capturing, for eternity, the magic moments of musical creation. It’s an epitome of the many bonds of friendship between people involved in the Jazz scene worldwide, as well as a document of the creative process involved with group improvisation. Leszek Zadlo, who left Poland – his troubled homeland – in the 1970’s, to live and create music in Germany, is today one of the most important Jazz musicians in Europe, and for me the best European saxophonist. His technique is brilliant and his improvisational skills unrivaled. This, combined with his charming personality, makes him a wonderful person and a dear friend since many years. Our common Polish cultural background is just one of the many layers of this friendship. Harold is of course another dear friend, with whom I had the privilege to experience some of the most exceptional moments in Israeli Jazz, since the early days of his first group Zaviot. His enormous vitality and esprit de corps (almost hyperactivity) are best illustrated by the fact, that at the time of this recording Harold was the leader of two separate groups, both called Parpar (Hebrew for butterfly). Therefore it was only natural to include both groups in this session. Leszek and Harold met several times in Germany, when Zaviot toured Europe. They developed an instant liking for each other as well as a phenomenal musical rapport. I’m happy to be the catalyst behind their friendship and this magnificent music. When the Goethe-Institut in Tel-Aviv decided to help us and bring Leszek for a tour in Israel, I immediately booked studio time to make this recording, since I knew about Leszek’s and Harold’s urge to play and record together. Their concerts in Israel as well as this recording are the best proof of the fact that human talent and creativity have no limits and know no borders. This album is dedicated to the People of Eastern Europe, for whom the Winter of 1989 / 1990 was really the most wonderful Spring they had experienced in decades.
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